DaybyDay Coaching

Specializing in coaching cyclists and triathletes, we at DaybyDay Coaching focus on quality relationships by treating our athletes as individuals, not numbers. We enjoy working with people of all levels who aspire to better their athletic performance and who strive to obtain their utmost potential.   Coaching plans are designed to mesh as seamlessly as possible into our athlete’s lives, recognizing that each person is unique in their circumstances, needs, desires and life commitments.  We work as one with our athletes, creating a relationship that enables clear, honest and ample communication in order to optimize the training time and success of the athlete.

Our experience is combined with open-mindedness, a willingness to learn, continued education, confidence and the humility to refer to and learn from experts in their respective fields.  We go beyond just writing training programs, ready to offer advice, support and guidance to help our athletes create a performance network around themselves.

There are many facets involved in reaching peak performance – only at DaybyDay Coaching is this invaluable experience available to address them all.  If you are looking for a cycling or triathlon coach to reach your goals, you have come to the right place.

Current Qualifications: 

  • Mitchelton-Scott WorldTour team High Performance Coach
  • USAC Level 1 Cycling Coach (USA Cycling) with distinction
  • USAT Level IIe Triathlon Coach (USA Triathlon)
  • TrainingPeaks University Lvl 2 Certified Coach
  • Functional Movement Systems Lvl 1 & 2 Certified
  • Wind tunnel/aerodynamics specialist
  • Dynamic Human Solutions Trained – Mental Training
  • TRX Certified Trainer
  • Ex-professional Cyclist (14yrs)
  • Former National Champion, Commonwealth Games medalist and World Championships representative
  • Public Speaker

Ben Day

My name is Ben Day and I welcome you to DaybyDay Coaching, where our goal is to help you execute your cycling performance objectives. I am incredibly proud of the expert coaches that we have on board and the things that we have achieved in our family until now. We continue to work successfully with WorldTour pros in both the male and female peloton, masters athletes and aspiring young professionals, first time racers and granfondo riders, and athletes looking just to improve their fitness and tick off another objective in their cycling year. Just take a look at a glimpse of the things our athletes have achieved over the years.

I raced professionally for 14 years mostly in Europe, the USA and Australia, and I am currently a High Performance Coach at the Mitchelton-Scott WorldTour team. During my racing career I was privileged enough to learn under some of the best coaches and scientists involved in the sport. But I always wanted to know the ‘why’! I saw how certain training interventions helped my performance, while others didn’t. I realized that every athlete is different and needs an individual prescription to maximize their performance. For more than two decades now, every morning when I wake up, I am questioning what is the best way to pursue athletic performance today and the unique puzzle that lays in front of each of us. The pursuit of athletic performance is my life and I want to share that with you.

So I invite you to join us at DaybyDay Coaching where our experience and expertise will ensure that you reach your objectives.

Current Qualifications: 

  • USAC Level 2 Cycling Coach (USA Cycling)
  • TrainingPeaks University Certified Coach
  • Ex-professional Cyclist (14yrs)
  • Multiple National Champion

Chris Baldwin


To me, coaching others towards their objectives and personal bests is just as fun, challenging and fulfilling as it was striving for my own goals throughout my cycling career. The process of guiding an athlete towards improvement and sharing the knowledge I’ve absorbed is a real thrill. My goal for clients is always the same, to help them become the best version of themselves possible!

We all work out in search of that amazing feeling of strength, speed and top form, the zone where we can ‘do no wrong’ and velocity is effortless. When I began cycling I craved this level of fitness. Now, after a 20-year education in the trenches of pro racing, I want to help others achieve it for themselves.

Our ‘special sauce’ at DaybyDay lies in our ability to blend the latest science and research with hands-on experience acquired in our 40+ combined years in elite cycling. I have always been a training and data ‘nut’, staying abreast of the latest research, physiology, wattage and heart rate based training techniques. But my application of this knowledge to the real world is what shaped me as a coach.  The day to day nuances within the program are what make the difference between average and extraordinary. Simply put, some things are best learned by doing!

If you or anyone you know is interested in working with me, please contact us at DaybyDay Coaching!

Current Qualifications: 

  • Cycling Australia Level 1 Cycling Coach
  • Director and Coach at TSG Professional Team
  • Ex-professional Cyclist (17yrs)
  • Former National Champion, Commonwealth Games and World Championships representative

Jez Hunt

Jeremy Hunt comes to us with 17 years worth of European professional racing experience with participations in all of the biggest races in the World. Specializing in sprints and the hard-man classics, he is a multiple time National Road Champion and winner of many one day races and stages in multi-day tours. His final years saw Jez racing with Team Sky and representing the winning British World Championship team in 2011.

Since retiring in 2012, Jez has worked as a director sportif for the professional cycling team Synergy-Baku where he has also been coaching a number of riders. He is looked upon as a mentor to many professional cyclists in the peloton with his truly unsurpassed experience and knowledge of training and preparation. We are excited to have Jez on board as he believes and adheres to DaybyDay Coaching’s philosophies of developing relationships and creating individualized coaching services to our athletes based upon their needs. Jeremy is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is a citizen of the UK.

Current Qualifications: 

  • Triathlon Australia Accredited Coach
  • Assistant Head Coach at St Peters Western Swim Club
  • Former #1 World-ranked Triathlete
  • Ex-professional Triathlete (9yrs)

Maxine Seear

My triathlon career was fun, amazing and challenging all at once! I started the sport quite late and managed to reach an elite level reasonably quickly. After racing at the Junior World Championships in 2003 I then qualified for the 2004 Olympics. I loved racing, and especially during that period. Unfortunately, I ended up with an injury during 2004 that stopped me on my feet. Three years, hundreds of doctors appointments and two major surgeries later we found the injury issue and I went in for another major operation. Sadly all of these operations and scar tissue left my body in pieces and things never quite worked the same. As frustrating as this was, looking back now those tough years were worth it. It gave me time to learn, appreciate and fall back in love with the sport.

I am getting into coaching now after some time away from the sport, once I finished competing I needed to remove myself from the sport in order to be able to learn how to coach, how to get the best out of someone and how the body works. As much as racing professionally was a wonderful experience, I am passionate about coaching and helping others get the best out of themselves. I was very fortunate throughout my career to have some amazing coaches and the huge benefit to having a coach looking after you. I feel like now I am able to bring a combination of experience and knowledge to athletes that I coach and I look forward to helping all athletes that I work with reach their potential.

Max is an assistant head coach at St Peters Western Swimming Club, one of Australia most successful swim programs producing many Olympic and World Champion athletes.

Current Qualifications: 

  • British Cycling Accredited Level 2 Coach
  • Director – Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank
  • Ex-professional Cyclist (9yrs)
  • Former Olympian, Commonwealth Games medallist & World Championships representative

Rachel Heal

Rachel comes to us renown as one of the best racing team directors in the world. Her knowledge of the sport is second to none, spending many years as a professional where she was an Olympian and Commonwealth Games representative for Great Britain. Since retiring from racing in 2010, Rachel started directing teams including America’s UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling team, dominating the scene and being one of the most successful cycling teams in the world! She was also the first female director in the men’s peloton, directing at the WorldTour monument, Milan-SanRemo.

It’s this knowledge of the sport on both sides of the fence, as a former rider, and tactically and logistically as a director that she is held in high esteem and any environment in where she has worked. We are excited to have her with us at DaybyDay Coaching where she is working with both female and male athletes, amateurs to professional.

Current Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Sciences (Hons)
  • Accredited cardiac diagnostician
  • PMBI Certified Mountain Bike Instructor

Tom Helleman

Hello all!
I am a sport scientist from Tasmania, Australia, and all-round cycling tragic.  After realising that I probably wasn’t ever going to race the Tour de France, I focused my energy toward understanding more about the elements of elite athletic performance.
Beyond than just tinkering with my power meter, I completed an Honours degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of Queensland, Australia.  I also have research and practical experience in the fields of biomechanics, cardiac physiology and bike fitting.
Although I lack the professional racing portfolio of my colleagues, I can claim to have had a go at just about every type of bike racing there is! From the Enduro World Series or 24-hour endurance races on the mountain bike to hour record attempts, criteriums, TT’s and cyclocross.
Cycling can be a fun and rewarding sport for everyone.  I think that the drive to ride faster, further, exceed your personal best or to step up your race results is a common thread amongst our tribe, regardless of whether you are a professional athlete.
I firmly believe that forming a relationship with an experienced coach is the single best investment in your own progression.  Whilst we all have our own particular goals, teaming up with a coach will ensure that you have an educated and experienced professional tailoring your efforts and helping you get the best out of yourself.

Sarah Lukas

Miss Sarah Lukas, as our super-assistant, is responsible for work behind the scenes at DbD! Also an employee of Pinkbike and CyclingTips, Sarah is a stalwart of the cycling industry and big mountain biking enthusiast. We couldn’t do it without her! Thanks Sarah!