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The Day Report: USA Pro Challenge 2015 – Stage 7

Double whammy action Sunday to wrap up the USA Pro Challenge with first the women racing in front of a packed crowd in downtown Golden followed by the men with their stage from Golden to Denver. UnitedHealthcare won both the women’s and men’s race in a field sprint, with excellent work by both squads in

The Day Report: USA Pro Challenge 2015 – Stage 6

The break finally succeeds at the USA Pro Challenge! After a week of tough racing in the highest parts of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the peloton finally gave a little too much room to the lead group of 7, that became 6 when Danny Summerhill crashed on the descent with 50km to go. Early on in

The Day Report: USA Pro Challenge 2015 – Stage 5

It’s a great thing that today, for the first time, the USA Pro Challenge presented two yellow jerseys – one to the men’s race leader, Rohan Dennis, but also to the first leader of the women’s race, Olympic Champion Kristin Armstrong, in their inaugural Pro Challenge. The stage was a 13.5km time trial raced in

The Day Report: USA Pro Challenge 2015 – Stage 4

The riders faced three categorized climbs on today’s stage from Aspen to Breckenridge. In what is becoming a constant, straight out of Aspen they started climbing – again, the 25km Independence Pass back up to 3,687 meters above sea level. The biggest climb on the stage, yet too early to be decisive, the lead riders

The Day Report: USA Pro Challenge 2015 – Stage 3

More than half of today’s 163km stage 3 of the USA Pro Challenge was raced above 10,000ft (3,000m). The climbing commenced from the drop of the flag, but different to yesterday, the peloton was a little more subdued going out of the gates, somewhat cautious of what lay ahead of them. Nine riders eventually forced

The Day Report: USA Pro Challenge 2015 – Stage 2

Before the start of Stage 2 of the USA Pro Challenge you could tell that the riders were nervous. Virtually every team had stationary trainers set up for the riders to warm up on. Once the flag dropped, the race went straight up the tough Rabit Ears Pass. The stage would culminate after 185km with

Rob Britton’s 2016 Tour Of Utah Training Camp (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered what it takes to prepare for a world-class stage race? Check out this snapshot of Rally Pro Cycling and DaybyDay athlete Rob Britton’s altitude training camp in Boulder, Colorado. It chronicles the methodical, structured and arduous training required!   Due to the nature of the Tour of Utah, our focus is