Maxine Seear

My triathlon career was fun, amazing and challenging all at once! I started the sport quite late and managed to reach an elite level reasonably quickly. After racing at the Junior World Championships in 2003 I then qualified for the 2004 Olympics. I loved racing, and especially during that period. Unfortunately I ended up with an injury during 2004 that stopped me on my feet. Three years, hundreds of doctors appointments and two major surgeries later we found the injury issue and I went in for another major operation. Sadly all of these operations and scar tissue left my body in pieces and things never quite worked the same. As frustrating as this was, looking back now those tough years were worth it. It gave me time to learn, appreciate and fall back in love with sport. 
I am getting into coaching now after some time away from the sport, once I finished competing I needed to remove myself from the sport in order to be able to learn how to coach, how to get the best out of someone and how the body works. As much as racing professionally was a wonderful experience, I am passionate about coaching and helping others get the best out of themselves. I was very fortunate throughout my career to have some amazing coaches and the huge benefit to having a coach looking after you. I feel like now I am able to bring a combination of experience and knowledge to athletes that I coach and I look forward to helping all athletes that I work with reach their potential. 
Max is a former World #1 ranked triathlete and Olympian. She raced professionally for 9 years.

Current Qualifications: 

  • Triathlon Australia Accredited Coach



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