Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt comes to us with 17 years worth of European professional racing experience with participations in all of the biggest races in the World. Specializing in sprints and the hard-man classics, he was a multiple time National Road Champion and winner of many one day races and stages in multi-day tours. His final years saw Jez racing with the Sky Professional Cycling Team and representing the winning British World Championship team.  

Since retiring in 2012, Jez has been acting as a director sportif for the professional cycling team Synergy-Baku where he has been coaching a number of the riders. He is looked upon as a mentor to many professional cyclists in the peloton with his truly unsurpassed experience and knowledge of training preparation. Taking this into account, we are excited to have Jez on board as he believes and adheres to DaybyDay Coaching’s philosophies of developing relationships and creating individualized coaching services to our athletes, based upon their needs. Jeremy is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is a citizen of the UK.

Current Qualifications:  

  • Cycling Australia Level 1 Cycling Coach


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