I am Ben Day - an experienced and seasoned cycling professional since 2002 and a successful cycling coach.  In my time as an elite athlete, I have worked with various coaches from Australia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, England and the USA.  I have also had the privilege to have collaborated and learn from many great physiologists, strength and conditioning trainers, sports medicine doctors, sport psychologists and career advisors with the Queensland Academy of Sport and the Australian Institute of Sport, an internationally renowned sporting revolution, facilitating Australia’s great successes in cycling in the past 20 years.

My experience racing and training across the globe has equipped me beyond most coaches as I am not only current with ideas and methodologies, I am also understanding of what makes a cyclist good in this modern world of cycling. I have had some incredibly knowledgeable people all in my corner throughout this time, teaching me many things that contribute to making an athlete the best possible athlete he or she can be.

Already during my professional cycling career, I have had some incredible moments such as representing my country at World Championships and Commonwealth Games level with success, which has enabled me to learn about what makes a cyclist perform to the best of their abilities.  

I am able to draw upon all of these experiences and knowledge in my coaching to make a better cyclist - day by day.  Based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, I work with athletes throughout the US, Europe, Australia and the World

Current Qualifications: 

  • USAC Level 1 Cycling Coach (USA Cycling) with distinction
  • USAT Level IIe Triathlon Coach (USA Triathlon)
  • TrainingPeaks University Lv 2 Certified Coach
  • Functional Movement Systems Lv 1 & 2 Certified
  • Dynamic Human Solutions Trained - Mental Training
  • TRX Certified Trainer


To me, coaching others towards their objectives and personal bests is just as fun, challenging and fulfilling as it was striving for my own goals throughout my cycling career. The process of guiding an athlete towards improvement and sharing the knowledge I've absorbed is a real thrill. My goal for clients is always the same, to help them become the best version of themselves possible! 

We all work out in search of that amazing feeling of strength, speed and top form, the zone where we can “do no wrong” and velocity is effortless. When I began cycling I craved this level of fitness. Now, after a twenty year education in the trenches of pro racing, I want to help others achieve it for themselves. 

Our “special sauce” at DBD lies in our ability to blend the latest science and research with hands on experience acquired in our 40+ combined years in elite cycling. I have always been a training and data "nut", staying abreast of the latest research, physiology, wattage and heart rate based training techniques. But my application of this knowledge to the real world is what shaped me as a coach.  The day to day nuances within the program are what make the difference between average and extraordinary.  Simply put, some things are best learned by doing! 

If you or anyone you know is interested in working with me, please contact us at DaybyDay Coaching!

 Current Qualifications:  

  • USAC Level 2 Cycling Coach (USA Cycling)
  • TrainingPeaks University Certified Coach


Jeremy Hunt comes to us with 17 years worth of European professional racing experience with participations in all of the biggest races in the World. Specializing in sprints and the hard-man classics, he was a multiple time National Road Champion and winner of many one day races and stages in multi-day tours. His final years saw Jez racing with the Sky Professional Cycling Team and representing the winning British World Championship team.  

Since retiring in 2012, Jez has been acting as a director sportif for the professional cycling team Synergy-Baku where he has been coaching a number of the riders. He is looked upon as a mentor to many professional cyclists in the peloton with his truly unsurpassed experience and knowledge of training preparation. Taking this into account, we are excited to have Jez on board as he believes and adheres to DaybyDay Coaching’s philosophies of developing relationships and creating individualized coaching services to our athletes, based upon their needs. Jeremy is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is a citizen of the UK.

Current Qualifications:  

  • Cycling Australia Level 1 Cycling Coach


My triathlon career was fun, amazing and challenging all at once! I started the sport quite late and managed to reach an elite level reasonably quickly. After racing at the Junior World Championships in 2003 I then qualified for the 2004 Olympics. I loved racing, and especially during that period. Unfortunately I ended up with an injury during 2004 that stopped me on my feet. Three years, hundreds of doctors appointments and two major surgeries later we found the injury issue and I went in for another major operation. Sadly all of these operations and scar tissue left my body in pieces and things never quite worked the same. As frustrating as this was, looking back now those tough years were worth it. It gave me time to learn, appreciate and fall back in love with sport. 
I am getting into coaching now after some time away from the sport, once I finished competing I needed to remove myself from the sport in order to be able to learn how to coach, how to get the best out of someone and how the body works. As much as racing professionally was a wonderful experience, I am passionate about coaching and helping others get the best out of themselves. I was very fortunate throughout my career to have some amazing coaches and the huge benefit to having a coach looking after you. I feel like now I am able to bring a combination of experience and knowledge to athletes that I coach and I look forward to helping all athletes that I work with reach their potential. 
Max is a former World #1 ranked triathlete and Olympian. She raced professionally for 9 years.

Current Qualifications: 

  • Triathlon Australia Accredited Coach



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